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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Gather Home Decor Tutorial

Gather Home Decor

 Prima Marketing Amber Moon Chipboard Sticker


Paper Cutter
Hot Glue Gun
Gold Spray Paint

Find yourself a box. You might need to cut it, glue it back together, or alter it to be the size you want. Make sure the top is open. Give the box a light spray inside and out with some gold spray paint. This will cover the multiple colors of the cardboard and prints.

Pull out this wood panel printed paper from your A4 paper pad. Measure all 4 sides of the box, and cut pieces of paper, slightly smaller.

Secure each paper to the sides with hot glue. You can either leave the paper as-is, or grab some sandpaper and give the edges of the paper some wear and tear!

 Grab your brown ink pad and rub all edges and corners of the paper and the cardboard box. Make this as light or as dark as you want.

Once your distressing is done, pull out this grateful chipboard, a couple leaves and flowers. I found some stray cording and ties some in a circle.

Lay out everything on the front of the box before securing it down, just to make sure you like it first.

Start to secure everything to the box with hot glue. After you have the main parts down, add some sequins and crystals for some sparkle.

 Feel free to add as much detail as you prefer.

 Fill your festive box full of pumpkins and cinnamon scented pine cones.
Place in the center of your table. 

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