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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

How to Use Stamperia Texture Moulds with Cream Paste

Greetings! Chris here today and I am excited to show you How to Use Stamperia Texture Moulds with Stamperia Cream Paste.

This year I treated myself to a little Fotobella Christmas present of Stamperia Moulds and decided they would be a perfect start to my journal I am creating this year. I admit I was a little intimidated by the texture moulds! But they are so fun and easy to use... So I thought I would show you how easy they are to play with.

My Fotobella Christmas Present


Stamperia Texture Moulds

Stamperia’s Cream Paste

Pallet Knife

Creating with your Moulds

Start by grabbing your Stamperia Texture Moulds and Stamperia Cream paste and a pallet knife. Just a note you need to plan ahead a bit as this step will take 12-24 hours to dry. So I like to create a few at a time so they are always ready to go when I create.

stamperia texture moulds, fotobella

Apply a thin layer of Stameria’s Cream Paste to your Stamperia Texture Mould.

The thin layer first allows you to insure you have the entire Stamperia Texture moulds filled. After all the Mould is filled apply a generous layer of Cream Paste extending outward to the smooth areas of the texture plate. You should not be able to see the texture when its wet.

stamperia texture moulds, fotobella
Sections of this mould need more paste

You can also only add paste to certain sections of the Stamperia Texture Mould like I did for this project. Just be sure to extend the paste to the smooth edges for easy removal.

stamperia texture moulds, fotobella

Let the paste dry in the mould overnight.

Removing your Project from the Mould

Your paste will shrink as it dries and you will be able to see the texture in your mould. Begin by gentling peeling up around the edges of the mould. GO SLOW. If you encounter any stickiness to the mould, WAIT its not dry enough.

Peel slowly. Use the flexibility of the mould to help you. just keep peeling and the entire project will come out all in one.

Once finished you can use as is, paint it, ink it and even cut it up as desired for use on your project. The finished design is flexible enough to be applied on a curved surface! Stay turned for a few projects using my mould impressions.

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