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Friday, April 22, 2022

Mould Tutorial: How to Use Moulds in Mixed Media Projects

Mixed media moulds

Hi crafty friends. It’s Kristine and I’m back again today with another mixed media project for you. For this project, I will be showing you how I to make a mixed media wine bottle with moulds from the Amazonia collection. This project has a video tutorial and I think you will have a lot of fun crafting along! I know I had a lot of fun creating it and working with my new moulds.

For this project, you will need a wine bottle to decorate. I went to the grocery store with this specific project in mind. A while back, I remember seeing this cat-shaped wine bottle and it is perfect for my project using the Amazonia papers. It comes in black, white, and red - all of which match the collection! My bottle is black because I want the darker tones to come through in my final product.

Supplies Needed

To make the pieces, I will be using Stamperia soft clay. Also, I will use several of the Amazonia moulds including the texture mould and the leaves and butterflies mould. These moulds are easy to use and match the rest of the collection. In addition, I will be using a mould from Stamperia with butterfly and floral images. Also, I will use some of the small flowers from a Prima mould. Although not part of the Amazonia collection, these moulds definitely match well.

Various paints and mixed media products will add color to the project. However, I will be focusing on using Nuvo mousse (French Rose and Silver) as well as gold glamour gel in my project. Nuvo mousse comes in a wide variety of colors so feel free to choose the ones you like best. Also, I will use a heavy black gesso to cover my bottle and clay pieces. Finally, I will use a glossy gel medium to attach the pieces onto the bottle.

How to Use Mixed Media Moulds to Decorate a Wine Bottle

The tutorial contains two parts. First, I will show you how to use the moulds and mixed media supplies to cast pieces to decorate the wine bottle. We will be using one of the moulds and adding clay directly onto the bottle. Then, the second part of the video I will show you how to add color to the clay on your wine bottle. Here is where you can choose the colors you want to stand out on your bottle. This is where my project took on a life of it’s own! But I do love the way it turned out!

To cut down on the length of the video, I did not show how I painted the clay pieces from the moulds. However, the process is the same as painting the bottle. Each piece is individually attached with a strong adhesive. Then the entire piece has a layer of high gloss Mod Podge spray on it to seal it and bring out the metallic sparkle.

I hope you have found these two tutorial videos helpful. Most importantly, I hope it has inspired you to think about how you can use mixed media moulds in your next project. They are fast, fun, and a fabulous method for adding dimension and texture to any project. Many of the products from the tutorial are available for purchase in the FotoBella online store. So, don’t forget to head over to the FotoBella website for all of your mixed media and crafting supplies today!

Until next time, happy crafting!

~Kristine, FotoBella Design Team

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