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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Mosaic Double Page Layout with Carta Bella’s Welcome Winter

Hi crafty friends. It’s Kristine again and today I want to share another layout perfect for your winter photos. This layout is a mosaic double page layout featuring the Welcome Winter collection by Carta Bella. This layout can be adapted with any of the papers from the collection. Simply print your photos and follow the cutting guide below to make your own!

Supplies Needed

First, we will be using cut apart cards from the 12x12 paper from the Welcome Winter collection. Then, we will be adding smaller pieces of paper from the 6x6 paper pad to complete the mosaic pattern. However, you may substitute the 12x12 papers if you do not have the smaller paper pad. Also, we will use several pieces from the chipboard accents and chipboard phrases, the ephemera assortment, and the frames and tags pack. Finally, we will finish the layout using the adhesive brads. Also, we will need two sheets of solid color cardstock. I am using a medium blue shade from My Mind’s Eye.

For the first page of the mosaic layout, you will need one 4 x 6 photo and four 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 photos. Then, for the second page, you will need one 4 x 6 photo and three 3 x 4 photos.

How to Make Page #1

In order to start the mosaic layout, lay down a sheet of solid cardstock. We will lay each piece out first and adhere it to the page later. First, cut one piece of patterned paper to 1 x 8 1/4”. Place the piece in the top left corner. Then, place one small photo beside the paper strip on the right side. Place the second small photo below the paper strip on the lefthand side and the 4 x 6 photo next to it.

Next, cut two of the 4 x 4 journaling cards from the collection. I am using the “Let it Snow” mitten card and “Snow Days” card. The first card will be placed below the small photo on the left, and the second card goes below the 4 x 6 photo. Then, cut one of the thinner cards from the collection paper and place beside the 4 x 6 photo on the right. Following this, place the final small photo below the cut apart card.

Before adding decorative papers to the mosaic layout, I will adjust some of these pieces. In doing so, I will create several areas for decorative papers. Once I’ve got my pieces situated, I will adhere them with photo squares (for the photos) and wet glue (for the cut apart cards).

Adding Decorative Papers and Embellishments

Next, we will begin adding papers to the mosaic layout. I will be using the 6x6 papers since the pieces are small. This will allow the design to show better than using the larger 12x12 papers. As you go through your papers, try to balance them so there is a variety of light and dark patterns. Leave a small border between the papers, photos, and cut apart cards.

mosaic layout with Welcome Winter

Once finished with the papers, it’s time to select embellishments! First, I am using the light blue enamel dots in the center of the snowflakes on the “Snow Days” cut apart card. There’s also one of these dots in the center of the small tag. Using several chipboard pieces, I added them around the layout.

Mosaic Layout Page #2

For the second page, I will be using one 4 x 6 photo and three 3 x 4 photos. Following a similar process as above, first I will lay out my photos on the background page. Then, I will cut the same patterned paper as in the top lefthand corner of the first page. This strip will need to be 1 x 6, and it will be placed in the top center of the page. Next, I will select the snowflake cut apart card for the top left corner and the chipboard skis for the top right corner. Once satisfied with the arrangement, I will begin to adhere the pieces onto the background. Right now there is a lot of blank space, but this will be filled with paper and ephemera pieces next.

Adding Decorative Papers and Embellishments

First, I will begin adding strips of the 6 x 6 paper to form the mosaic pattern. Because this is a double layout, I need to be careful to balance the patterned paper across both pages. Once all pieces are cut, I will begin to glue them down. Finally, I will add a few of the selected ephemera pieces on top of the patterned paper.

To complete my mosaic layout, I will select chipboard pieces to match. Next, I will use some of the enamel dots to finish the layout.

While I completed my mosaic layout with simple squares and rectangles, the design could be made more complex. For example, try using triangles or other shapes in the layout. There are endless possibilities for creating your own mosaic layout. Even better, the look of the layout will change dramatically depending on the papers you choose! I hope you will consider giving the mosaic layout a try. And don’t forget to head over to the FotoBella online store to pick up some supplies today!

Happy crafting!

~Kristine, FotoBella Design Team Member

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