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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

How to Recycle a Cigar Box With Graphic 45 Scrapbook Paper

In this tutorial I will show you how to recycle a cigar box with Graphic 45 Farmhouse scrapbook paper. It’s super easy to do and could even be a kid’s craft project with a little adult supervision.

Graphic 45 Recycled Cigar Box
Finished Cigar box using Graphic-45 Farmhouse-12x12 Collection Pack

Now, Let’s Get Started!

To make your own recycled box the first thing you have to do is strip away the old loose tape on your box. Now, when completing that step it is important to remember to leave the tape on the hinge area so the new hinge will fit properly.

Removing Tape frooxm Cigar b
Most of the tape just fell off without any problems on this box.

So, the box should look like this photo when all the tape is removed except for on the box hinge lid.

Cigar box with old hinge
The tape on this box practically fell off of it.

The next step is to add duct tape over the old hinge to reinforce it. The wood on this box was so old that the duct tape didn’t want to stick to it. Finally, I gave up and just glued it in place.

Duct tape hinge with scrapbook paper
Duct tape hinge covered with scrapbook paper.

Graphic 45 Farmhouse Time

Now, it was time to pick out the scrapbook paper from FotoBella Online Scrapbook Store. This store carries lots of brand name scrapbooking supplies including this Graphic-45-Farmhouse-12x12 Patterns and Solid Pad.and it’s matching accessories. They have easy online shopping, great sales, and super friendly customer service.

Graphic 45 Solids and Prints
Graphic-45-Farmhouse-12x12 Patterns and Solid Pad

Cover the Cigar Box with Paper

So, after the scrapbook paper has been picked out, it’s time to cover the rest of the cigar box edges. It’s works best if you use a large piece of paper on the back of the hinge extending well onto the bottom of the box, this way the new hinge will be fully supported.

Scrapbook paper covering the hinge.


When covering the edges of the box be sure and don’t cover the sides of the lid. The lids can be a tight fit, and most lids will tear the paper when the lid is opened or closed. Especially during normal use.

Cigar box lid without scrapbook paper
I didn’t glue any paper to the side of my lid.

The next step is to apply the paper to the inside lid of the box. When that is dry you can add the paper to the sides, and bottom of the box. Now, you can add lots of fun accents like bling, stickers, or your choice of decorations.

Scrapbook paper glued down the inside of my box.

In the photo below, you can see the Graphic-45 Farmhouse-12x12 Collection Pack that was also used to decorate this recycled cigar box. I love this scrapbook paper, it’s just so adorable!

Graphic 45 scrapbook paper
There papers are all double sided with great patterns on each side..

It’s at this point, you can add the scrapbook paper to the bottom of the box, along with a journalling card. These cards also work well for project life type projects.

Bottom of my box covered in scrapbook paper and a journaling card.

Decorate the top of the Cigar Box with Graphic 45

Now, take a look at some of these cute double sided journaling cards from the farmhouse collection. These items can be purchased here - Graphic45-Farmhouse Ephemera and Journaling Cards

Graphic 45 Farmhouse Journaling Cards
i love the farmhouse style of these cards.

Next, decorate the top of your box with any accents you like to use. These boxes can also be made into purses, or can have small locks, or other metal embellishments added to them.

scrapbook paper sides
The bling adds a nice touch to this recycled box.

Here, is another photo of a decorated side of this box.

Side view of recycled box
Finished side panel

The sticker on this side panel came from one of these matching Graphic 45-Farmhouse Sticker Sheets. The amount of accessories in this collection is amazing.

Graphic 45 Scrapbook stickers

This photo showcases the finished inside of this recycled cigar box.

Finished box using scrapbook paper
Finished inside of the cigar box.

This collection of Graphic 45 scrapbook paper is so versatile that many other projects can be made with it.

Completed Graphic 45 Farmhouse projects
Step by step directions are on this blog for all of these projects.

Finally, the completed outside of this recycled cigar box.

Graphic 45 Farmhouse scrpbook paper

I hope you found this to be a fun tutorial and that you stop by this blog again for more exciting projects that can be found here.

Love, Penny

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