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Thursday, April 9, 2020

12 x 12 Paper Basket with Echo Park Salon Collection

Hi all, Jennifer Taylor here. Hope this post finds you all well!

So. for my first project of the month. I thought how fun it would be to try making a basket from a 12 x 12 piece of paper . I have seen a video a long time ago on how to make the square basket version on this and decided to give it a go this month using the Echo Park Salon Collection. This collection is beauty themed, but the color palette is just beautiful and versatile.

echo park, salon collection

Let’s make it!

The first pattern paper I became obsessed with is this beautiful floral pattern .

echo park floral sheet

First off, we are going to have our Echo Park paper cutter with the scoring tool on or just use your ruler and score across this paper every 4 inches ( 3 times across).

tutorial, fotobella

Then, turn the paper and score the same way but in the other direction so that your score marks make a grid design

echo park, tutorial, folding paper

Next, cut the two score marks only til the middle then, turn paper around and do the same..

But, be sure not to cut all the way across. (see pic)

Next Steps

Next, grab those ends and fold in towards the middle. If you want a smaller square basket bring all the squares in together if you want a Easter/Spring looking basket just bring it in about half way and glue it in place with double sided glue.

echo park, easter basket, fotobella
echo park, folding technique

Now, you have your base done ...but wait,you need a handle..

So, for mine I just cut a 2 inch x 12 inch strip of the Echo Park Coral solid paper and glued it to the inside center on both sides.

Make it Echo Park Pretty

Now, it’s time to pretty it up more... I diecut pattern paper from the collection with a butterfly die from my stash but here is a similar one the pearl circle was also from my stash but can easily be recreated with pearls, wire and glue or omitted all together and would still look pretty. Then, I used the collections enamel dots to make the butterfly body . Lastly, I glued it all on and tucked the chipboard hello piece behind it all.

Here it is all finished

Here is a list of the goodies I got for my Design Team box and used for the project:

Echo Park salon collection

Salon Ephemera

Salon 6x13 Chipboard Accents

6x13 Chipboard Phrases for Scrapbooks, Cards, & Crafting

Salon Frames & Tags

Salon Enamel Dots

Echo Park Paper Salon Collection Kit

Salon Solids Kit

Echo Park Paper Salon 6x6 Paper Pad

Washi Tape -Lashes

I had so much fun making this ! I hope you will give it a try! Maybe, even whip up a few and leave a treat at your friends door as a quarantine surprise.

Jennifer Taylor