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Friday, March 20, 2015

Heritage Layout Tutorial

Heritage Layout 

Anthology Page
Ancestors Page
Lifetime Page
Roots Page
Keys Page
Chipboard Stickers
Wood Shape
Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Gathered Twigs
Letter Stamp
Double Sided Tape

Photo Sizes:
6.5” x 5”
 4” x 4”

 Hot Glue Gun
 Paper Cutter
 Hole Punch

For this focal piece you can either use a wood shape or a chipboard piece. I chose a wood piece. Grab the Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Gathered Twigs.

Smudge the distress ink around the wood, heavier on the edges and lighter in the center.

With a stamp shape of your choice, stamp the full wood piece. Remember the ink will spread in the wood grain, so the details will slightly get lost.
Cut the Family word out of the Lifetime Page and grab the Camera Rub-On. I secured these with ModPodge.
Set this aside to dry.

Now to start the page. Find 2 pictures you love and cut them 6.5” x 5” and 4” x 4”. Pull out the Anthology Page.

With the Ancestors Page, mat the images. I secured mine with double sided tape.

Pull out a string of Jute, and cut longer then the length of the page. Lay on the left side of the page, and place embellishments as you like them.

Cut this little piece out of the Keys Page. Spray with water, scrunch, and then rub the Gathered Twigs Ink pad over it slightly. Give it a worn look. Set aside to dry

Grab your custom wood décor, Ephemera Ribbon, Chipboard Stickers and Buttons. Place them at the bottom right side of the layout, under the images. Once you have them laid out as you like, secure them with your hot glue gun.

In the top left-hand corner, measure 1” in, and slightly down from the top. Punch a small hole and thread the Jute through to the back. Secure the tail to the back of the page with tape or glue.

 Find the ‘Story’ Chipboard Sticker, and stick it to the top of the left side of the page, covering the hole where the Jute has gone through.
Grab this paper piece that you had set aside to dry, some brown ink and a letter stamp. With a few sticker and paper flags, secure those to the page under the Jute. Then, with double sided tape, secure the paper piece, and stamp the letter on top of it.

Cut out this “Love” from the Roots Page, and punch 2 small holes in it as shown in the image. Thread the Jute through the holes and place it in the location you prefer. Secure a paper flag under it, and then tape the “Love” piece down. I added the Family Chipboard Sticker on top of them as well.

Thread the Jute through the holes of the Leaf Chipboard Sticker and press into the paper. With a hot glue gun, secure the flower to the page and add a Jewel to the center. Add the Memories Chipboard Sticker below that and while the hot glue gun is still hot, secure some colored buttons below.

Punch a small hole at the bottom of the page, just as you did to the top. Thread the Jute through and tape it down on the back of the page.
You can go back through the page and add jewels or other embellishments.
Your layout is now finished! 

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