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Friday, December 20, 2013

4x4 Holiday Gift Box with Tutorial

4x4 Holiday Gift Box

 Merry Notes Sheet
Jute Cord
Hot Glue Gun 

First, grab the Merry Notes Sheet (or any other sheet you love), and the We R Memory Keepers Gift Box Punch.

 The directions that come with this Gift Box Punch are very easy to follow. Basically, use the size guide on the plate of the punch, and it will tell you what size to crop your paper to, and where exactly to place the paper on the board to punch and score it. I chose the 4x4 box, so I lined my page up on the XL line.
Follow the directions to punch and score all 4 edges of this side of the page.

Turn the page over to punch and score the remaining sides of the page.

Flip the paper back over to the side you want on the outside of the box. Use the ‘reverse’ punch on each corner. This will round the edge and make a little notch that will hook the flaps closed.

Once you have finished punching and scoring, fold each of the score lines so it is easy to create the box. Start to push the sides toward the inside of the box. See the image.  

If you squeeze the box sides together, as the image shows, the inserts will be on the inside.

I used a hot glue gun to glue the inserts down.

Then you can fold the top flaps together with the punched notches.
This box looks absolutely beautiful as it is right now! But here is the fun part. You can decorate this as much, or as little as you wish.

I chose a simple approach. Grab this cute Ornament from the Chipboard Sheet. Use a hole punch at the top.

Choose a small part of one of the many beautiful pages of this amazing bundle for the tag. Cut a rectangle piece out, and then cut the top part to a point. Punch a hole in this as well.

Finish this adorable gift box with some jute cord and attach the tag and ornament.
Such a quick and easy way to make your gifts look custom and tailor made for that special someone. 

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