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Monday, March 11, 2013

National Worship of Tools Day

Yes, you read that right. Today we shall worship tools. 

And since we are all crafters, I feel it is perfect to dedicate this blog to crafting tools today, since they do make our creative projects easier, quicker and just down right adorable!!

Here are some amazing tools that you can find at Fotobella

The Punch: they come in so many shapes and sizes. 

The Destresser: such a cute, fun little tool for a variety of projects

The Circle Cutter: admit it, have you ever cut a perfect circle by hand? This is a absolutely magnificent tool!

The Eyelet Tool: adds so much more to any project and does it all with one tool! 

The Kits: love buying kits like this because they come with so many tools you need for every project!

The Basics: we can't forget the basics that we all use each and every day. From scissors, to wire cutters... couldn't live without them!

And the most amazing tool of all...
The Silhouette
An amazing tool that helps us create just about anything we could ever imagine!

For many more fun tools, check out our tools page at Fotobella

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