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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Neon Pink Wood Heart Decor

Make this cute, custom Valentine's Day decoration in a day!

Grab a piece of scrap wood, trace a heart and cut! 
(or you can buy one if you don't have a saw!)

Use a spray primer.

Once the primer is dry, spray the heart with color. I used Krylon Fluorescent Pink for mine, but you can use any color you love to decorate with! 

Next, use Elmer spray adhesive to stick your choice of see-through detail. I am using a clear plastic sheet. But get creative and use lace fabric, punched paper, or anything you choose! You could also use your favorite stamp from FotoBella and make your own custom print! 

Finally, use an exacto knife to cut around the heart. 
And you now have created an adorable, custom decoration that will get alot of attention! 


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  3. I am really trying not to buy or hoard anymore things, so I try to be creative with what I have.