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Monday, March 22, 2021

How to Make a Beautiful Gift Box with Stamperia Orchids and Cats

Altered Box with Orchids and Cats

Hi crafty friends. For this month’s design team projects, I am going to show you how to make a coordinating gift set using the new Stamperia collection Orchids and Cats. First, the gift set will include a mixed media storage box. Project 2 will be a small folio to fit inside the box. Then, we will be designing a matching card for the recipient. With Mother’s Day not too far off, this would make a lovely gift with a personal touch. Or for all the cat lovers out there, perhaps you will make the project for yourself to show off pictures of your own fur baby. For today’s project, we will be making the mixed media storage box. I hope you will join me and craft along with these tutorials.

Stamperia Orchids and Cats Collection

As the name implies, this Stamperia collection features images of orchids and cats throughout the papers, embellishments, and stamp set. This first project will showcase the beauty and durability of the rice papers from the collection. I have not used rice papers before, and was both excited and a bit anxious to see how they would be to use. The texture of these papers is thin, yet durable. The front has a smooth finish to highlight the beautiful prints while the fibers can be felt on the backside.

Supplies Needed to Decorate the Box

  • Wooden box. I purchased mine at the craft store and it measures roughly 8”x8”.
  • Paint to match the papers in the collection, I chose a pale pink and a light turquoise paint.
  • Elmer’s glue will to crackle the paint on the box.
  • Stamperia rice paper from the Orchids and Cats collection pictured above. The Pink Orchid, White Orchid, and the Butterfly rice paper.
  • Stamperia rice paper glue to apply the rice papers to the box.
  • Orchids and Cats greyboard and chipboard stickers.
  • Flowers, gems, or embellishments from your stash is optional to decorate the top.
  • Sandpaper and scissors

Preparing the Orchids and Cats Box

Remove the metal hardware and set aside for later. Select the base color of paint. I am using light turquoise muted with white to soften the color. For the lid, I am painting it light pink. Set the lid aside to dry and squeeze a generous amount of glue into a dish or container. Once the base is dry, use an old paint brush and add a coat of glue to the base. When the glue starts to get tacky (but not dry), add a layer of the second paint color over top. I am using the light pink paint over top the glue. The paint needs to be applied quickly before the glue dries. Repeat this process on the four sides. As the paint and glue dries, it will form the cracks in the top layer of paint, which allows the base layer to show through.

Close Up of the Crackle Paint Finish

Decorating the Top of the Lid

First, position the Pink Orchids rice paper over the lid, hanging over the front and back. Next, crease the paper along the edges of the lid for better placement when gluing the paper. Brush the rice paper glue onto the top of the lid and position the paper with the creases along the edge of the lid. Working in sections, add glue to the box and smooth down the paper until the entire top is covered.

Next, apply glue to the two edges of the lid and press the paper down over the sides. Once dry, sand along the box edge to remove any excess paper. Then, apply glue to the other two sides of the lid and cover with the paper remnant. Again, use sandpaper on the edge to separate the excess paper. Finally, apply a coat of glue to the entire top surface of the rice paper to seal it.

Decorating the Base

For the box base, lay the Butterfly rice paper inside and crease the paper to mark where to cut for the bottom. Using scissors, trim off the extra paper. Apply the rice paper glue to one section of the box and press the rice paper into place. Working in sections, add glue to the base and smooth the rice paper into place until the entire base is covered. Next, add glue to one inside wall of the box and press the rice paper to the side. Once dry, use the sandpaper to remove the excess. Then, repeat this process on the three remaining walls to completely cover the inside. Finally, apply a coat of glue to the entire top surface of the rice paper to seal it.

Decorating the Inside of the Lid

The inside of the lid will be decorated with the White Orchids rice paper. Using the same technique as with the base, lay the rice paper inside the lid and crease it. Then, trim the excess and use the glue to adhere it to the lid. Before gluing, make sure the direction of the paper is correct for when the lid is open. Add a layer of glue on the top surface of the rice paper to seal it. Once the glue is dry, add the hardware back on the box.

Embellishing the Box with Orchids and Cats Ephemera

Once the lid is dry, we will begin embellishing it with the chipboard stickers and greyboard pieces. I selected the window from the greyboard and one cat and one orchid sticker. I painted the greyboard light gray. Then, I glued the stickers of the cat and orchid to the window frame and added a few gold gems. I added a large Prima flower in my stash on the top corner of the window frame. Two smaller light pink floral sprigs complete the embellishment cluster. Next, I added small pieces of chipboard to the back of the stickers to create an even surface with the window. This entire piece is glued on top of the box lid in the lower left corner. Finally, I used gold paint on three of the butterfly greyboard pieces and glued them around the window for added detail.

Set the box aside and get your supplies ready for the next project which is the mini folio. We will mostly be using the Stamperia Orchids and Cats 12x12 paper pad and matching cardstock for the project. I hope you have enjoyed Part 1 and will join me later this month for Part 2! In the meantime, head over to the FotoBella online store and treat yourself to these gorgeous Stamperia papers today.

Happy crafting!

~Kristine, Fotobella Design Team Member

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