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Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 Pocket Calendar: My Mind's Eye Tangerine Together Bundle

Hello Crafties.....

Sarinda here from the Design Team.
I wanted to share a 3"x3" pocket calender for the new year.
There are a few steps to this project... But don't let that scare you away. 
I just wanted to make sure I covered all the details for you.
I had a lot of fun making this one and hope you will too.

·       Sticker sheet
·       Enamel Dots
·       Chevron Paper
·       Round Paper
·       Glue
·       Orange bakers twine
·       Small letters and numbers
One sheet of Kraft cardstock
Photo Sizes:
·       N/A
·       Silhouette Cameo

Step 1:

1.     Get your Silhouette ready and make sure you have downloaded the current software version. This is important.
2.     Find the correct files. Open up the Silhouette store window and look for these files and purchase them.

Find both the calendar downloads.  Just so you know that this is really easy and Silhouette has a step-by-step instructions in the program. All you have to do is just follow. 

3. In Silhouette open two different windows, one for each calendar. These are a print and cut… You will need to make sure you have clicked on the Registration Marks Settings Window. In the upper right corner of your screen. Click on the print button next to the cut button on the left side of screen. Once printed, put paper onto sticky mat with the circle in the upper left corner of mat. Then load into the Silhouette. Be sure that the Silhouette reads the registration marks. I do this manually; it just seems to work better for me. Click to use manual option in the right Column. Arrow up and down side to side to get the cutter right over the dot. Then send to be cut.
4.   Find the Pattern paper with the circles load it into the Silhouette machine. Open another two windows in the Silhouette software. Find the download for the book and pages. Click on the one with the pages. Scale everything down to 3”x 3”. Ungroup everything, Highlight one of the pages and make a duplicate then rearrange everything on your page to accommodate the new page. (I chose to omit the single square) Then Cut.

5.     Find the Part two to the 3D album the box. Scale everything down to 3”x 3”. Ungroup everything. Move the cover panels to the side. Load the Kraft cardstock into your Silhouette and cut out box.
6.   Go back to Silhouette software page and move the box to the side. Move the covers of the box into the print field. Select one of the long rectangles and make a copy of it, This will make three in total. Find the chevron paper load it into the Silhouette and cut.

7.   Here are all your cut outs…. 4 pages, three rectangle strips, two covers, binding yellow chevron, 2 Kraft box pieces. Note: I discarded the orange rectangle.

8.    Assemble the box. Crease all perforated areas to one side. Then glue the sides of the box together and hold. Then glue the bottom flap inside the box.

9.  Glue the cover panels to the box as well as all three of the rectangles.

  10. Find your cut out pages. You will notice that there is one center that is wide, two with medium centers and one with a small center. Crease them and stack them with the largest on the outside and small in the center. 

11.   Find the largest one and this is your cover. Take the yellow chevron binder and glue to the front of your book.
Note: Once everything was how I wanted it
I put some glue down the center of the pages to hold it better.  Then add it back to your stacked pages.

12.  Take a fair amount of twine and lace it through the bottom holes starting on the inside of your book. So that the ends will be on the outside of the book.

13.  Lace the other side. Tie in a bow with a double knot.

14.  Find your calendar cut outs and start gluing January to the first page of your book and so on.

15.  Decorate the cover of your box. Find the “You & Me” tap sticker and place it on the right side. Also locate two photo corners: Place one on the upper left side and one on the lower right side.

16.  Find some Numbers and letter stickers… Whatever you have in your stash will do. Spell out 2013 Calendar.

17.  Find the Enamel dots. Use one large orange, one medium yellow and a small pink place in the bottom left corner.
 18.  Congratulations: you have completed the stunning 2013 pocket Calendar. I made a few of these for the gift-giving season. 

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