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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Designs by Jeri using Bo Bunny This & That Bundle

Bo Bunny put together some great bundles with specific themes. Each bundle includes 40 papers, a minimum of 5 stickers, and a minimum of 6 embellishments! Jeri used the This and That Bundle, to create all of these great designs.

Making custom brads is such a cute, creative way to add something extra to any project. Plus, a brad is a useful way to hold layers of paper or trims together.

First, find the paper you want on your brad. I chose to cut a multi color corner out of the Bo Bunny Cambridge Cup coordinating paper pack. Use the i-top Small Topper Punch and punch out the area of the paper you like.

Grab a pack of 16MM i-top Small Brad Daddies, and the i-top Brad Maker.  Inside the Brad Maker package you will find very easy step by step instructions on how to use this.

Place the Brad Daddy Shell on the 16MM metal side of the Brad Maker, and center the punched out paper on top of it. Very carefully, hold it steady and squeeze the Brad Maker closed. This will push the Brad Daddy Shell inside the rubber head of the Brad Maker, and it will form the punched paper around. You can then use your finger to press the tabs of the paper inside the Brad Daddy Shell.

Then grab the Brad Daddy Base, and insert the point end inside the hole, opposite the rubber head. You can then carefully squeeze the Brad Maker and your custom brad is now complete!! Be careful when removing brad from inside the rubber head, so not to tear the paper.

For the card base, I used a cut out piece from the Bo Bunny Cambridge Mini Edgy Album Paper Pad. These fun sheets come with unique punch out designs.

I love using small parts of the paper designs to add character and layers. Cut a few diamonds out of the argyle printed page. Cut it slightly outside of the white line, so you can see the border once you place on the card. I used two of the diamonds for the card.

I found a design off of one of the pages that allowed for me to write a note. Luckily this Cambridge paper has many options already, so we don't need to make our own text area.

I also found some cool chevron punch outs from a page in the Cambridge Paper Pad. I punched all three out for the card,

Since you now have all the items needed to make the back of the card, go ahead and lay everything on the card as you see pleasing. I always do this before attaching anything, so I can make sure it is all spaced correctly. Once you like the looks of it, start tacking everything down. I placed the diamond down first, then the text piece, and then the other diamond on top of this. I used a small hole puncher where I wanted to place the brad. Insert the brad and fold the ends back on the other side. Then attach the chevrons, evenly spaced, near the bottom of the card.

Jeri Vann

I went to FIDM in Los Angeles and graduated in Product Development. I then went on to work in the apparel industry. I became a statistic of the economy downshift and was laid off. So to keep my sanity in my free time I became intrigued with paper, projects and blogs. Since then I have started make cards, gift tags, gift baskets as well as jewelry and my own custom wall decor. Doing all of these small projects help my mind to keep a creative edge. I love doing anything creative and unique, and I am constantly researching what is new and creative to get inspiration for a new creation of my own.