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Monday, March 12, 2012

My Mind's Eye Miss Caroline designs by Nina

Nina from the FotoBella design team created all of these stunning projects using this month's featured My Mind's Eye I Want It All! Bundle - Miss Caroline Dolled Up and We R Memory Keepers Sweetheart Inkers.

Playground full of love layout step by step instructions.
Supplies needed from the Miss Caroline Dolled Up I Want It All bundle: My Mind’s Eye Miss Caroline “Dolled Up” Collection, Acrylic Stamps “Favorite”, Rub-on Transfers “ Living”, Decorative Brads “Cute”, Twine “Cute”, Pearl Shapes “Princess”, and Layered Stickers “Princess” Three 12x12 double sided sheets “Favorite”, “Day, and “Cute”
  1. Start by choosing three double sided sheets from My Mind’s Eye Miss Caroline Dolled Up “Favorite”, “Day”, and “Cute”. Use “favorite side A” as the base using the blue wood grain side.
  2. Take “Day side A” using the wood grain side and cut out a 5 ½ x 6” square and 6x ¼” strip to form the house of the playground place the square on the lower left hand side of the base leaving an inch of space at the bottom and the 6x ¼” strip under the top right hand side placing under the house across the page.
  3. Next to form bottom of playground cut out a ¼ x 12” strip of “favorite side A” and glue on top of a 12”x 1” wide strip of “Cute side A “then glue across bottom of base sheet.
  4. To make the roof top take “Cute side A” and cut out a 6x4” triangle and place above square forming house of playground then take picture of boys and cut out a circle shape 5 ½ x5 ½ ” and place on top of square.
  5. To make the ladder you need two ½” x 6” strips of “Day side A” and a total of six ½ x 1 ½ “strips placing all on left side of page forming a ladder the first five strips are for the steps of the ladder you will place foam dots to give a raised affect on page the sixth strip will be glued down on bottom of ladder with no foam dots.
  6. To make swing you need a strip of 2 ¾ x 1” two brads from the collection and two pieces of twine place swing in between the ladder and body of playground above the strip that is holding playground and ladder together place twine, two brads and attach seat at bottom of twine gluing foam dots in back of swing seat.
  7. Take “Cute side B” cut out a 2 ½ x 1 ½ “strip rounding the corners a 2 ½ x 1” strip leaving it square and take acrylic stamp with the word Date: and stamp on first strip and on square strip stamp using the acrylic stamp (You are the best…) using sweetheart ink in brown from We R Memory Keepers.
  8. Glue the strip with the Date image on the lower corner on the left hand side in a vertical position with word facing up and outward, then other stamped quote on top of triangle roof of playground using foam dots to adhere.
  9. Place Pearls in the shape of a sun from the same collection on upper right hand corner of base. Punch out five 1” circles from the sheet “Cute side B” and place in a circle over lapping one another above ladder and place decorative brads from the same collection inside each circle for added color and dimension.
  10. Take the rub-on in the shape of frame and place on “Cute side B” then take sticker “You and me” and glue on middle cut it out following the shape of the rub-on and place on bottom right hand corner of the house of playground follow by placing brads on each side and to add a pop of color cut 2” strips of twine placing above and under sticker (You and me) in a circle lollipop shape.
  11. To make the kite you will need to cut out a 2 ½ x 1/ ½ “in a diamond shape using the sheet “Favorite side B” then take “Day side A” and cut two small strips place it on top of kite in a cross shape then add twine on bottom of kite following all the way down gluing on the hand of the boy in picture.
  12. Then to complete take your own handwriting and write on “Cute side B” cut out strips in form of a ribbon then take sheet “Day side A” and cut out same shape of ribbon making these strips a little bigger placing first strips with your writing above using foam dots to adhere place on very top of base sheet.

Nina Cubillo
I am a Mixed Media Artist. I have been crafting since I was young love the feel and look of something handmade. When my daughter was born 15 years ago I made her a scrapbook using construction paper and added stickers it was a cheaper way since money was tight. I am now thrilled to play with die-cut machines and everything imaginable love everything from scrapbook paper, stamps, inks, lace, flowers, trim, stickers, vintage buttons, fabric the list goes on.

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