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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Create a Card with Stamperia’s Orchids and Cats Collection

gatefold card

Hi crafty friends. This is Kristine and I’m here to share part 3 of my design team project - a beautiful greeting card! This card is made using the lovely Orchids and Cats collection. It perfectly matches the mixed media box and mini folio album I created in my last two posts. For step-by-step instructions on how to make the storage box, check out this FotoBella blog post. Or, if you want to learn how to make the mini folio, I have a full video tutorial for you in this FotoBella blog post.

Making the Card Base

In order to make the base, cut one sheet of plain cardstock 4 3/4” x 11”. Then, measuring from each end, score at 2 3/4” and fold on the score line. This will make a gatefold card. Next, paint the greyboard window pieces. I used light pink paint for my window frames. Once dry, place one window frame on each of the gatefolds, lining the edge of the window with the edge of the paper. Then, trace the inner curve and edge of the window. Cut out the piece so the window will be see through. There will be a small tab of paper behind the outer frame where we will glue later.

Cut a piece of the decorative Orchids and Cats paper to 4 5/8” x 5 1/4”. Then, cut this piece in half again to make two pieces measuring 4 5/8” x 2 5/8”. Place the papers on the inside of the card and close the gatefolds. Next, trace around the trimmed edge of the card and cut along the lines. These pieces should be only slightly smaller than the front gatefolds.

For the inside of the card, cut one piece of the Orchids and Cats paper to 4 5/8” x 5 3/8”. Next, cut out the paw print border strip, and make two strips measuring 1 1/2” x 4 5/8”. Then, cut the pink and white side border off one strip to make the pieces appear mirror images when glued onto the card.

Fussy Cutting Embellishments

I have fussy cut pieces from the 12 x 12 papers that are leftover from my previous two projects. For this card, I am going to use a few of the pieces as embellishments. First, I have selected one of the cat images. This piece will be added to the card so that the cat can be seen through the window. I will also be using one of the potted orchids, which I will place in the center of my card base. The “Greetings” sentiment and several butterflies will also be added to the card. From the greyboard pieces, I chose to use three hearts and one butterfly, which I painted fuchsia.

fussy cut pieces

In order to make a smaller card, cut two of the circular tags from the Orchids and Cats paper. Score one of the circles along the left side at 1/2”, and glue the scored section to the top of the second circular tag. This will form a small card.

orchids and cats card

Next, fussy cut the flowers from the corner embellishment. I also cut along the petals so I can make them dimensional. Then, add glue to a small base of each fussy cut flower and adhere to the circular tag. Select a fussy cut butterfly and add glue to the body but not the wings and place on the circular tag. Later, I will add Stickles to the flower petals and butterfly to make them sparkle.

Assembling the Card

Starting with the inside, glue the background paper to the card base. Next, add glue to the top and bottom portion of the fussy cut potted orchid and glue into the center to make a belly band. Glue the paw print border strips to the inside of the gatefolds.

Close the gatefolds and glue the fussy cut cat to the left gatefold. I placed my window piece on top of the card to make sure my cat was lined up how I wanted her to be. Then, add the decorative Orchids and Cats paper over top of the cat image, and the second piece on the right gatefold.

Glue both of the greyboard window pieces to the gatefolds. Next, back the “Greetings” sentiment with plain cardstock and glue to the left gatefold window only. Do not glue to the right gatefold as this will prevent the card from opening. Then, add the fussy cut butterfly and greyboard butterfly onto the sentiment. Finally, finish decorating the greyboard window frames with the greyboard hearts, fussy cut butterflies, and flowers from your stash.

Orchids and Cats Card

Decorating the Back Side of the Card

I am going to add a simple pocket to the back of my card to tuck my small circular card. I cut out a strip of the Orchids and Cats paper measuring ~2” x 5 3/8” and glued around three sides before adding it to the bottom base of the card. Then, I tucked my tiny circular card into the pocket. I am including this small card to write out a sentiment for the recipient. Alternatively, you can tuck a message behind the belly band inside the gatefolds. This card can also be used inside of the folio if the recipient chooses!

I hope you have enjoyed crafting along with me this month. I know I enjoyed making the projects and tutorials to share with you. Don’t forget to head over to the FotoBella online store to pick up the Stamperia Orchids and Cats collection today and create your own projects. To view a quick video flip through of all three projects together, click on the video below.

Happy crafting!

~Kristine, Fotobella Design Team Member

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  1. These interactive cards are so Beautiful. Stamperia has some gorgeous papers.