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Thursday, December 19, 2019

How to Decorate Your Gift Boxes With Scrapbook Paper.

Good morning crafter's Penny here today to show you how to decorate your Christmas gift boxes with scrapbook paper from FotoBella Online Scrapbook Store .

Gift Boxes Decorated with Scrapbook Paper

I started my project with these plain white gift boxes. They were 2 x 2 inches square.

Plain Generic Gift Boxes

While these plain boxes were cute, and would work. They lacked a lot of style, and the fun Christmas spirit I was looking for in my gifts.

Carta Bella 6 x 6 Inch paper pad.

So to decorate my boxes, I ordered this super cute paper pack from FotoBella Online Scrapbook Store. The paper pad is listed as Carta-Bella-Merry-Christmas-6x6-Paper-Pad. I loved that it was double sided and the 6 x 6 inch size fit my boxes perfectly, if I only decorated the front and 2 sides. This way I wouldn't end up wasting scrapbook paper trying to cut out a larger piece for the back of the box which no one sees anyway.

Paper strips cut 1 1/2 inches wide, and 6 inches long.

So I cut my paper strips 1 -1/2 inches wide by 6 inches long.

Strips After They Were Scored

Then I scored them every 2 inches to make the folds fit the boxes easier when I glued them in place. You can see the scores on the red and white striped scrapbook paper above.

6 x 6 Carta Bella Title Sheet

Then I cut apart all these little title blocks that were included in the 6 x 6 scrapbook paper pad. So far this project has been super easy, and this project would be suitable for even a preteen crafter with just a little bit of help from and adult to show them how to make the first one.

Strips With Added Washi Decorations

Now I started adding the fun Carta-Bella-Washi-Tape-Dash-Away, and Carta-Bella-Washi-Tape-Delivering-Gifts both available at the FotoBella Online Scrapbook Store. This is where the fun part begins - getting to decorate all these little boxes.

Here You Can See the Box sides

The washi tape was fun to use, and the blind pearls added some fun details.

Carta Bella Sticker Sheet

If you wanted to add even more decorations there is a Carta-Bella-Merry-Christmas-Puffy-Stickers matching sheet that has stickers small enough to decorate your gift boxes with as well. This collection is also available in a 12 x 12 Carta-Bella-Merry-Christmas-Collection-Kit, and huge assortment of other matching accessories.

Completed Boxes

I also added some tiny bows, some bling, and pearl dots. These decorated gift boxes are almost too cute to give away now.

Completed Boxes

As you can see I became a little carried away and made 12 of these scrapbook paper decorated gift boxes before I stopped. They really were a blast to make. I hope you try to make some for your own Christmas gifts this year.

They make perfect jewelry gift boxes, or little gift boxes that you can fill with chocolates. For more fun and inspirational ideas please check out the FotoBella Blog where you will find lot's of fun and creative projects all year long.

Till next time "Happy Crafting". Love Penny

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