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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bo Bunny Secret Garden Shaker Tags

     Shake things up with these vellum shaker tags made with Bo Bunny's Secret Garden I Want It All Bundle from FotoBella!

     The tags measure 5 1/2" X 3 1/2" cut from the papers from the 12 X 12 Collection Pack and Ephemera, making them the perfect size to attach the vellum foil pieces. But first I punched holes on top, and finished the edges with Ranger Silver Embossing Powder. Using some fibers from my own stash, I tied them off through the tops of the holes.

     After adding some glitter pieces to the centers of the tags, I ran a glue stick along 1/2" of the vellum edges, and glued them in place. Then I machine stitched around them to keep the glitter from escaping. To the top centers of each vellum piece, I attached Brads.

     I used some more of my fibers to string through the banner Buttons, along with the bird one on this purple tag.

     Then I finished them off with some of the word stickers that come in the 12 X 12 Collection Pack!

Simple and elegant tags that were so fun to make, and especially shake! Make sure to shop FotoBella for this beautiful Bo Bunny Secret Garden Bundle and so much more! 



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