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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Modern Miss Mother's Day Card Tutorial

Are you gathering creative ideas for your Mother's Day Cards?
Well, I hope my Modern Miss Mother's Day Card Tutorial inspires you!

Bold Sheet
Dramatic Sheet
Charming Sheet
Sunglass Die Cut
Double Sided Tape
Glue Stick


Cut a 6” x 5” piece from the Bold Sheet
Pull out the sunglasses Die Cut

Round the corners of the paper
Fold the paper in half.

With double sided tape, secure the sunglass die cut in the center of the front of the card.

Find the Lined Sheet print on the Dramatic Page and cut it out. Make sure it’s a good size that will fit on the card.
Secure this with double sided tape.
With a straight edge or ruler, fold the card in half on the previous fold line.
You can leave this as-is, or you can add some layers in the bottom corner.

Find the Charming Sheet.
Place the card on the sheet and with a ruler measure out your envelope.
I cut this at 7” x 7”

Draw some straight lines where you will fold the envelope, and cut out the corners, as shown in picture.
With a straight edge, fold in all 4 sides.

Round the corners.
With a glue stick, attach the bottom flap to the left and right side flaps.

Find this cute printed sticker tag and place in bottom left corner. Add 'mom’ stickers.

Quick and easy, fun Mother’s Day Card. 

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