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Friday, June 7, 2013

Key LIme Mini Album Improvise

Is everyone loving Spring? I know I am!
And this new Key Lime Bundle by BoBunny is so perfect!

So, have you ever watched a designer tutorial on a scrapbook project and think you want to try it out? But wait,... you don't have all of the components they are using! Well, this is the fun part... 
We improvise!!

I came across the BoBunny tutorial video for this amazing new Key Lime Bundle here.  This video takes one project and spreads it over 4 weeks. So each week is part of the project. 

So, I watched the video and thought: I want to try this!! But, wait,.... I don't have a sheet of chipboard.

But I did have some cardboard!

The video asks you to cut 2 6"x9" pieces. However, my cardboard pieces were slightly smaller then 6". Which is totally fine. This is where you can start to make your project custom and unique. 

When cutting the Deep Blue Sea sheet, just simply measure it to the cardboard pieces to fit. 

The video shows tells you to score the Splash sheet. I don't have a scoring board either. So I just measured the first part 3/4" like they say. Then I just fold it back and forth. Might take a little more time, but you get the same effect.

Then you have all of your pieces ready.

Follow the video on how to secure the papers to the cardboard. 

Now, if you are excited and want to make your own Key Lime Mini Album, head over to FotoBella and buy your bundle today! You still have time before part 2 of the tutorial video! 

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