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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Stamperia Moulds Allow You to Create Perfect Embellishments

embellishments, stamperia, moulds, fotobella

Greetings! It’s Chris again and I am excited to show you how Stamperia Moulds Allow You to Create Perfect Embellishments for your projects. I was so excited to see that Fotobella now has Stamperia Mould available. The Stamperia Hearts and Wings Mould has been a favorite of mine for a while. Just look at all the possible embellishments you can make!

embellishments, stamperia, moulds, fotobella

This Mould also creates perfect embellishments to compliment to the Stamperia Clockwise Papers.

Gather Your Supplies

To recreate this Card you will need:

Create your Perfect Embellishment

This part takes a little planning ahead as the moulds take about 24 hours to dry. So I usually make a bunch of embellishments and set them aside for future projects! Creating is easy, just lay out your Stamperia Hearts and Wings Mould. Press your Stamperia Extra Soft Clay into the mould. Let “dry” for about 30 minutes or so (not sure if this is necessary but I always use the time to create more embellishments). Then flip the mould over and lay the embellishments out to dry for 24 hours.

After your embellishment is dry, you can ink, paint, wax your embellishment as desired. For this project I chose a metallic wax. FYI, I do not recommend using water based mists on the dry embellishments as in my experience they became a little crumbly after being misted!

Below, you can see all the details in these embellishments!

embellishments, stamperia, moulds, fotobella

Creating your Card

Start, by cutting the background from your Stamperia Clockwise Papers and mat onto card stock and attach to your card base. Next, attach a scrap of inked corrugated paper to your card with staples. Cut tag from your Stamperia Clockwise Papers and add to your card.

embellishments, stamperia, moulds, fotobella

Next, from front cover sheet cut of the paper pad the detail cut the Time is the Time tag and add to your card. Finish you card by adding your Perfect Embellishment!

I hope you are inspired to create with all your Fotobella Supplies.


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