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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Miss Caroline - Howdy Doody Design Team Project

This weeks design team project was created by Jeri, who used the Miss Caroline - Howdy Doody I Want It All! Full Collection Bundle to create the fun projects you see here. 

Scroll down to the end of this post to see the amazing earrings she made with this paper!

Earring Tutorial

First, find a couple shapes you would like to add to your earrings. I chose these 3.

Grab a couple of the sheets of paper that you love. Trace out some shapes. I did 1 large flower, 2 medium flowers and 1 of the oval drop shape. Cut those out.
Place them on top of each other in the order you want them, and punch a small hole at the top.

I used some tie wire. You want a wire that is a bit stiff and will hold its shape. I set up a triangle shape with these pins and wrapped the wire around it, and snip the ends a ½ inch longer then the triangle shape.

Go ahead and slide the paper charms onto the wire. I used some small transparent spacer beads to keep the charms separated. If you want, you can use as many paper charms as you want, and may not need spacer beads.  Make sure the triangle opening is in the back. Use your needlenose plyers and wrap one end of the wire around the other. Then fold the other wire up. Make sure its not poking out and could hurt you. If there is leftover wire poking out, just trim off with wire cutters.

I then attached an adorable brad from the bundle to the circle end of the oval drop charm. Just simply fold the brad ends up, so they aren’t noticeable.
I added a jump ring to the top of the earring triangle and attached it to an earring hook. 

1 comment:

  1. Jeri-
    Great tutorial... And very creative.
    Thanks for the Ideas.