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Monday, December 21, 2015

Bo Bunny Calendar Girl - Ultrasound Layout Tutorial

Ultrasound Layout

Check out How to Craft an Ultrasound Layout by FotoBella Papercrafting Supplies on Snapguide.

Bakers Twine
3D Sticky Dots
Double Sided Tape

Paper Cutter
 Hot Glue Gun

Grab the April Sheet and some Black/White Bakers Twine. About ¾ down the sheet, hot glue the bakers twine down and start making a heart beat design.

Make sure to put a small hot glue dot at each turn point of the twine. Create the pattern however you want, but make a straight line on the right side.

Find the Black heart cut out from the Noteworthy package. Add 3 – 3D Dots to the back.

Attach the heart onto the right side of the straight twine area, as pictured.  

Find this design from the Pocket Squares. With the Foil Dot Washi Tape, tape around the inside of the wood border.   

Secure your Ultrasound image to the square with some 3D Dots. Some images will be different size, so make sure to print out a size that will fit inside this Square.   

Tape a couple of random pieces of Foil Washi Tape under the bakers twine on the right side. Secure ‘This is Happening’ Noteworthy cut out on top of it, and the Love banner below. Add a few Foil Chevron Stickers.  

With double sided tape, secure the image to the upper left area, as pictured.   

Grab your Stickles and add some glitter! I added some dots on and around the heart,…

Made an arrow next to the Chevron sticker ,…

And added some dots around the image. Decorate the area with more Foil Chevron Stickers as you like. Fold the excess twine over the page and tape to the back.


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