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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bo Bunny Garden Journal "Diamond Fold" Card (Tutorial)

Hi Everybody!  ReNae here, with the FotoBella Design Team!
Today for our tutorial, I am sharing an old favorite,
The Diamond Fold Card!
And what is the perfect collection to use for
the Diamond Fold Card?
The Bo Bunny Garden Journal Bundle!
Here are all the supplies you will need!  Patterned paper, chipboard stickers, ribbon, tape runner, a marking pencil, and a scoring board!
Cut a piece of patterned paper or heavy card stock at 4" x 12"
Score at 2" 
Score also at 10"
Make a tiny ink mark at 6" on both top and bottom of paper.
This will be the mark for your fold.
Using the ink mark as your guide, fold the paper down as shown.
Do the exact same thing on the other side. 
Burnish fold. Open back up and turn paper 180 degrees.
Repeat steps.
You should have created these folds.
Unfold paper again. Hold strip vertically and pinch corners together where the score lines intersect, as shown.

Repeat for the other side.  
Your card will look like this. 

Turn it over, and this is what the back should look like! 
Using contrasting paper, cut a background piece at  2 1/8 x 4 1/4

Cut the square for the front of the card at 2 1/2 " all sides
For the side triangles, cut another square at 2 1/2 and cut it horizontally down the center.  
You will use these pieces to decorate the sides of the card.
Trim off 1/8 inch from the long side...
so it fits inside the card perfectly!
Adhere your triangles with tape runner 
Adhere the square to the top of the card, and select two flower images from the chipboard stickers pack.
Select the "Life is Beautiful" chipboard piece and tap it with your stamp buddy or talcum powder to remove sticky backing. 
 Do not apply powder where you adhere chipboard to card!
Your card should look like this!
Now it's time to tie the ribbon!
The recipient unties the bow, to reveal a lovely card!
You can embellish as much or as little as you wish...these cards are easy and fun, and take very little time to make!  I hope you'll try making one with the Bo Bunny Garden Journal Collection!  

Happy Creating!


  1. So beautiful ReNae, and a fabulous technique!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Drea! It really is easy but looks complicated!

  3. Stunning my sweet friend you so talented , hugs

  4. Beautiful as always ReNae! I like the little learning tips in your easy step by step directions. Thanks for sharing.