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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Soleil Mini Album Tutorial

Soleil Mini Album Tutorial

Variety of Pages
Chipboard Stickers
Die Cut Shapes
Layered Stickers
Die Cut Flowers
Faceted Beads
Ink Pads
Half-Hard Silver 20ga Wire
Paper Cutter
Double Sided Tape
Hot Glue Gun
Wire Cutters
Round Nose Pliers
Round Corner Cutter

First, find 2 chipboard or cardboard pieces for the front and back cover of your mini album. Cut them 5”x4”.

Choose your favorite page for the cover. Cut it a little bigger then the chipboard.
I used ModPodge to adhere the paper. Then fold and crease the paper flaps around the other side of the chipboard, and snip the corners so they lay flat.

Smear some ModPodge on the paper and fold around the chipboard. I used some clips to hold the paper in place. The ModPodge dries pretty quick, so you don’t need to wait very long.
Continue this for all 4 sides.

 Pick out some pages you want to use throughout the album. Cut them the same 5”x4” size.

Using ModPodge, glue a cut paper to the inside of the chipboard cover. I added some details with some stamps and Soleil Stickers.
Start adding layers. Here I used a Die Cut Flower and Stickers.
Picture is 2.25”x2”. I have used a round corner cutter on all the pictures throughout the mini album.

Onto the next page. Always lay your album pages out, so you can best decide which papers you want next to each other.
Again, add layers. Here I used Paper Scraps, Die Cut Pieces and Chipboard Stickers.
Picture is 3.5” x 2.75”.

 For this page I used Paper Scraps, a Flag, Die Cut Pieces and Chipboard Stickers.
Picture is 3” x 2.25”.

For this page I used Paper, Chipboard Stickers and Transparent Die Cut Piece.
To add dimension and draw your eye, I inked the edges of all layers.
Picture is 4” x 2.25”.

On this page I used Paper and some Die Cut Pieces.
I added some inked edges.
Picture is 2.5” x 3.5”.

This page I used some Die Cut Flowers and Layered Chipboard
Picture is 2.75” x 3.5”.

On this page I layered some paper scraps and added a Chipboard Sticker.
Picture is 2.5” x 3.5”.

For this fun page I used some Paper, Die Cut Pieces, Sticker and Transparent Die Cut Piece layered on top of the arrow sticker. I felt the triangle pieces got lost in the background print, so I inked the edges to make them stand out.
I used two pictures on this page. Bottom picture is 2.25” x 1.75”, and top picture is 2.5” x 2.5”.

This page includes inked edge Paper, Transparent Die Cut, Sticker and some Chipboard Stickers.
Picture is 2.5” x 2.75”.

And the last page includes Paper, Flags and a Sticker. I removed the toothpicks from the Flags.
Pictures are 1.75” x 1.75”, 2” x 1.75”, and 1.75” x 1.5”.

On one sheet, mark where you want the holes to be. I put mine ¾” in from top and bottom edge. With a hole punch, punch each hole on each page. Make sure they line up with each other.

Next, grab your wire, wire cutters and round nose pliers.

 Cut a piece about 9” long. Use something round and wrap the wire around it.
Thread it through the album pages and make sure all the pages are upright, in order and end up in the round area you just made.

Next, start wrapping the wire and make a bow. I added some faceted beads to the end and then wrapped the wire ends up and around. Make sure to tuck the wire ends in somewhere, so they do not cut anyone.
Repeat this for the second hole.

When first creating each page, do not feel pressured to finalize it before moving on to the next. I love creating the base of each page, then going back through them. Placing them in order and then touching up your details.
I went back through and added additional Stickers, Die Cuts and other embellishments.

I love the Die Cut hearts, but I didn’t see one in the print that I wanted for the cover. So I dabbed it on a purple ink pad, and then inked the edges with some brown.

For the cover, I used the large Chevron Print Die Cut Flower and hot glued this to the lower right corner. I glued the heart at an angle and then glued the Chipboard Stickers on top.
And the Soleil Mini Album is finished! 

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