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Monday, June 10, 2013

Sun Your Buns Layout

I love each month just anticipating what bundle will come in the mail. Each bundle make me recall some amazing experience in my life and I just cannot wait to create a keepsake!

This month I received the Key Lime Bundle by BoBunny.
All beach, sun and fun!

My niece and I are very close, but we live 2 states away. For her 10th birthday my mom surprised her with plane tickets so Southern California! You can imagine the excitement squeal that came out of her! I wish I could have been there to hear it! 
So my mom and my beautiful niece came out for a few days, and of course, we spent most of our time at the beach. Jumping waves and collecting seashells. She did not stop grinning until we dropped them off at the airport to go back home.

This bundle was so perfect to bring this awesome weekend to life.

Use the Cowabunga Sheet as your Layout background
Grab the ‘wave’ chipboard and place it at about ¾ down towards the bottom of the page.

  Cut this section from the Wipe Out Sheet
Find an image you want, print it out small enough to fit. Add a Brad in the corner

Cut this section out of the Notes Sheet
Use a portrait image, and stick it to the cut out.

Using this cute Stamp and some matching ink, place a few of these stamps around the background sheet, wherever you want them

Attach both of the cut outs with images on the background sheet as shown in the image.
Find the ‘life is better at the beach’ Journal Cut Out and place it in the top right corner as shown.
Using tags from both Notes and Wipe Out pages, cut them out and place them in the top left corner of the portrait image. Add a Jewel for interest.
Using the sunshine Layered Chipboard, place this is the top right corner of the ‘life is better at the beach’ cut out.
Place the ‘summer’ Journal Cut Out and the ‘good times’ sticker at the bottom of the Wipe Out cut out, under the wave chipboard

Grab some of the fish from the Chipboard page and place them around the wave chipboard on the background.

Here is the funnest part!
Using real seashells, hot glue them randomly at the bottom of the portrait image.

And you have a beautiful layout of an amazing Beach experience! Because…. Life IS better at the beach!!

My very grown-up niece has a cell phone, so I text her the final layout and I told her because I love her this was created just for her, and I told her these are the same shells we found at the beach together. She text me back and told me how 'ADORABLE' this was and she still has her seashells we found together also. :) 
Best niece ever! 

I hope you are able to great great memories to treasure with this great bundle!