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Monday, July 27, 2015

Buccaneer Booze Bottle and Message Tutorial

Buccaneer Booze Bottle and Message Tutorial

Anchors Away Sheet
Pirate Ships Sheet
Journaling Cards Sheet
Seaworthy Sheet
Pirate Words Sheet
Title Page
Black Marker
Paint Brush
Thick Jute Rope
Thin Jute String

 Hot Glue Gun
Water Spray Bottle
Water Tray
Hole Punch

  Grab the Anchors Away Sheet and some water. The easiest way I have found, is to use one finger, under a faucet. Use your finger to trace a 11.5” x 4.5” rectangle on the sheet. Place your finger back and forth under the water, to make sure the rectangle is fully traced. Then you can rub your finger along the wet lines of the paper, back and forth, to wear the fibers thin.
Once the paper has soaked in the water, you can now carefully tear the shape out.

With the spray bottle, spritz the rectangle, let the drops soak in slightly. Dab your paint brush back and forth from the water drops and the Gathered Twigs Distress Ink, to make the paper look dirty and worn. Once you are happy with the look of it, set aside to dry.

Find this Treasure text on the Pirate Words Sheet. Repeat the same water and tearing process as previously.
Use your paint brush and Distress Ink to dirty this piece slightly as well. Set aside to dry and rinse your paint brush out.

With your knife, fussy cut the Ship and Parrot out of the Title Sheet, and the Pirate and Flag from the Journaling Card Sheet and the Seaworthy Sheet. Spritz with water, crumple, let dry slightly then with the Distress Ink pad, dirty the pieces slightly. Set aside to dry.

 Find an empty bottle. It can be any size you choose. I chose a large, clear bottle. Remove the label and clean the bottle. Set aside if it needs to dry.

 Grab the Pirate Ship Sheet and the Sticker Sheet. In the corner of the sheet, you will place the Buccaneer and Booze stickers. Finished rectangle will be 4.5” x 3”, so allow enough space.

Using the Coffee Stain Stamps and Distress Ink mess up the piece. Randomly stamp, and even smudge them slightly.

Once that dries, repeat your water/tearing process. Create a rectangle around the sticker area, and tear out. Ink the edges, crumple, and set aside to dry.

Grab your glass bottle, Thick Jute Rope and plug in your hot glue gun. Start gluing the rope around the center of the bottle, and go around as many times as you like. I finished mine with about 10 wraps.
I then glued some red ribbon and the black Skull Sticker strip around the neck of the bottle. I finished covering the neck with more rope. You can finish the bottle however you like. 

Punch one hole on each side of the Booze label, grab the Jute string and the FotoBella Sailing Charms. 

Thread the string through the holes, and tie the label onto the bottle. Leave some string hanging down on the left side of the label.
Choose some charms you like and tie them randomly on the strings. 

For the Scroll you can get creative with this. Whether you make it into an invitation, game sheet or just a decoration. Mine is simply decoration.
Gather the items set aside, as well as the sticker sheet. Place the pieces on the page how you would like them. I attached everything with hot glue, since the paper will be uneven and stiff.

I then created a dotted line from my Ship, to the Island and then to the Treasure with a black marker.

This is a fun way to invite your guest to a Pirate Party, or creating unique center pieces at the party table. Get creative! 

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