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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Use Stamperia Paper to Make a Fun Baby and Grandmother Layout.

Today I am making a fun baby and grandmother layout using the Stamperia 12 x 12 Princess Paper from FotoBella Online Scrapbook Store. Layouts like these are always a great way to showcase the love between family members.

Grandmother and Baby Layout
Grandmother and Baby layout

Let’s Get Started

To start this layout, you will need to pick out a background paper. By using the Stamperia 12 x 12 Princess Paper it almost guarantees a beautiful layout. This paper includes so many lovely patterns, and accessories already printed on it.

Stamperia 12 x 12 Princess Paper
12 x 12 Princess Paper

The background page used on this layout had a beautiful rose pattern along with gorgeous pre-printed borders. It also included the same colors that were in the photo, making it an easy choice. First steps, included the lace doily, and green strip.

Background Stamperia Paper
Background Paper

The 2nd step was to mount and add the photo, and journaling block. Since the Stamperia 12 x 12 Princess Paper is double sided, it has many cutouts on the “B” side of the paper that can be used as fussy cut embellishments.

Stamperia Layout with embellishments
Layout with Princess Chipboard Die cuts

Next steps, included the chipboard die cuts from this Stamperia Princess Die Cuts. They included a large assortment of die cuts, that varied in both size and themes.

Princess Die Cuts
Stamperia Princess Die Cuts

Next, these delightful Stamperia Wooden Shapes were used. They were applied on the top left, and bottom right of this grandmother and baby layout

Wooden Accents
Stamperia Wooden Shapes.

Some of the final steps on this layout included flowers, brads, and beaded embellishments. Super easy, and lovely.

Baby and Grandmother layout
Completed Stamperia Layout

Check out the Stamperia Line at FotoBella

Hopefully you had fun today and will come back to visit the FotoBella Online Scrapbook Store. It has new and exciting products arriving daily. Be sure and check out the other talented designers as they showcase other products here.

Love Penny

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

How to Make a Little Girl’s Princess Layout Using Stamperia Products.

How to make a little girl’s layout using Stamperia Princess products.

This layout started with this photo of my granddaughter, and this gorgeous paper from the FotoBella Online Scrapbook Store. It’s made by Stamperia 12 x 12 Princess Paper collection. It has a gorgeous double sided collection that has such a romantic feel to it.

Layout made with Stamperia 12 x 12 Princess Paper

Stamperia Princess Collection

Here is a photo of their beautiful paper collection used on this little girl’s layout.

Stamperia Princess Paper
Stamperia 12 x 12 Princess Paper Pack

Starting off, this little girl’s layout is this background sheet of Stamperia scrapbook paper. It was so lovely and it matched the sofa in this photo perfectly.

Background sheet of Stamperia Paper
Background sheet for this layout

The next step, is to pick out the photo of my granddaughter, who is the star of this little girl’s layout.

Little Girl Scrapbook Layout
Layout with photo

For this layout, I next mounted the photo onto a brown cardstock, and glued down some lace dollies.

Mounted Little Girl's photo
Mounted photo with added dollies.

Next, it’s time to decorate your layout. You can use these beautiful matching Stamperia Princess Die Cuts. These paper’s were so thick, and gorgeous. Lot’s of different patterns and styles for any type of layout, but perfect for my little girl’s scrapbook layout. Also several images were fussy cut from the “B” side of the Stamperia Princess Paper.

Stamperia Princess Die Cuts
Stamperia Princess Die Cuts

Several embellishment clusters were made for this little girl’s layout. Here are just a few of them.

Stamperia Princess Die Cuts
Top title embellishment

Next is the bottom embellishment cluster. It includes a bow, an assortment of flowers, Stamperia die cuts, and fussy cut paper.

Bottom Embellishment on little girl layout
Bottom girl layout cluster

Again, here is the full little girl layout with all the embellishments, and photo.

Little Girl Layout

I hope you check out some of these other Stamperia products that would also work well on a little girl’s layout.

Stamperia Princess Stamps
Stamperia Princess Stamps

On your next trip here be sure and check out the rest of the amazing products that can be found here. Love Penny

Sunday, August 16, 2020

How to Make a Princess Scrapbook Layout With Fotobella.

How to make a princess scrapbook layout, using the latest papers from the FotoBella Online Store. The selection at their store is great for any layout but these papers, and accessories by Stamperia are fabulous for this scrapbook layout!

Princess Scrapbook Layout with Stampiera
Scrapbook Layout

Stamperia Princess Collection Details

This layout started with these beautiful papers by Stamperia-12x12-Paper-Pad-Princess-10-Double-Sided-Sheets from the FotoBella Online Store. The pack included many styles and colors.

Stamperia 12 x 12 Princess pad

This was the sheet chosen for this layout’s base. These patterns were beautiful, and could be used for any numbers of photo options. Since the papers are double sided, it gives you lot’s of paper options without having to buy more paper.

Stamperia Background paper
Stamperia double sided paper

These papers also have a nice weight to them, making for a sturdy layout or other crafting project. The background pages along with many other images are designed to be cut out, or used as a whole sheet. First, I cut out the mages below and used them as a border title on the bottom part of the layout.

Fussy cut images.

Next you will need to cut two small slits on the Princess title so that the border strip on the bottom can be inserted into it like a ribbon. It made for a super easy title.

Princess title
Layout title made by threading a border though the title.

In the next step, I added some of these lovely Cuts.

Stampiera Princess Die Cuts
Stamperia Princess Die Cuts

You will then use your choice of die cuts, and pearl embellishments. Fussy cutting the top border and gluing them down as well.

Layout with pearl embellishments, and die cuts.

For more accessories that match this beautiful paper pack be sure and check out these lovely Stamperia-HD-Natural-Rubber-Stamp-cm-14x18-Princess.

Stamperia Corset Princess Stamps

So again, here is the finished scrapbook layout. I hope you make one of your own.

Princess Stampier Layout
Finished Scrapbook Layout

Be sure and stop by this blog frequently to see the other talented designers projects. Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope I have inspired you to craft today. Love Penny

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

FotoBella 2020-2021 Design Team Call!

fotobella, design team call

What we are looking for:

· 6 Inspirational and Unique Designers

· Crafters that will commit to a design team 12 month term from October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021

· Experts in Scrapbooking, Card Making and Mixed Media Projects

· We require a minimum of 3 total projects, every other month throughout the term. (You will be required to post 6 months of the term, so a total of 18 projects.) At least 1 of those projects, each month you post, need to be full tutorials with step by step instructions and images.

· High quality photos of all projects for our blog and social media

· You will be required to share not only your projects on your social media, but share some of the other team member’s projects as well.

· We also ask that you like, comment and share various FotoBella project posts, sale posts and product posts.

*You will need to be able to upload all of your images and tutorials to a Dropbox file that we will invite you to.

Benefits for you:

· You will receive 6 fully loaded Design Team Kits during this term to design with.

· You will be featured in our social media posts and on our blog

· The perfect reason to sit down and craft your stresses away!

How To Apply:

· Email both [email protected] and [email protected] with the following:

- Subject line: FotoBella 2019-2020 Design Team Call

- Full Name and Address

- A short bio

- Links to your Social Media

- 4-5 images of projects you have crafted, with a small description. Please note that designs must be ORIGINAL designs.

- If you have been on any other design teams, and which ones

Application Entry will close August 28, 2020.

Due to shipping and time constraints, this call is to US based applicants only.

You can check out our site at

fotobella, design team call

Monday, August 3, 2020

Jane’s Memoirs Junk Journal Design Team Project for FotoBella

Hello again crafty friends! Today I am finally back on the blog sharing the finished junk journal using the Blue Fern Studios Jane’s Memoirs Bundle from FotoBella . I didn’t anticipate taking so long to create this album. Just kept adding and adding to it and had to finally just say “STOP”!

blue fern studios, junk journal
Jane’s Memoirs Junk Journal

I had created very small junk journals in the past and didn’t think it would be much of a challenge to create a larger one. I did however start thinking that this really is not for a beginner to take on but if you are determined just like I am, I say “Go for it”!

blue fern studios, janes memoirs
Blue Fern Studios Jane’s Memoirs

Blue Fern Studios Supplies

Before I began, I knew that I would be making a Fabric and Paper Junk Journal using the Blue Fern Studios Jane’s Memoirs Collection that I was sent from Fotobella. If you saw my first post, I shared how I gathered up some of the papers, ephemera, and other items. I then coffee and tea dyed these items.

Part I

I began by ironing the muslin fabric. Secondly, I used some sewing chalk to mark where I would cut 3 pages. Each of them, measuring 8 X 10 in size. Yes, this is a pretty large junk journal overall. I, then thought I would follow the same concept as making a cover page for a paper album in which you can find a lot of tutorials on YouTube if you aren’t familiar with that.

Before adhering the cut corner of the base pages I ironed them again this time using Faultless Spray Starch.

blue fern studios, junk journal, journal cover
Shabby fabric flower and Tassle Spine
blue fern studios, junk journal cover

Part II

I used Helmar Fabric glue to adhere the cut edges. I, then used Helmar Quilting Basting Spray to temporarily hold the inner fabrics to the base so I can sew them later.

The next step I did was making the pages for my album. I had already decided on using a vintage photo album that I had found at a thrift store some years back.

This project was perfect for it. I used the entire album including the cover but that was more like a gothic cover. But, I did end up cutting up the book itself. I only used a few pages from that to adhere to papers from the Blue Fern Studios Collection.

I also left some blank and added some photos into the frames that were already on the pages. The way that I added these book pages is that I began by cutting some pieces of muslin into 2.5 X 11 strips, I adhered them to the book pages leaving a small area which will be adhered to the muslin piece that will be my “spine”. This was a bit of a challenge, because my paper signatures would be going in between some of these book pages. So I had to leave enough room for those and make sure they weren’t too thick either.

blue fern studios, junk journal, fotobella

Part III

Then, I sewed my signatures, you can find tons of tutorials on Youtube for these as well. Just use one that you are comfortable using and easy to understand. Once I had them done, I did the same with the signatures using muslin strips this way I can adhere them in between the book pages I had already adhered to the muslin piece that will basically be the “spine”.

*Please note that before adhering the pages onto the fabric pages, I sewed the fabric pages down the center of the main cover page. I had already added paper from the collection to some of the fabric pages. I also forgot to mention that I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink In Tea Dye to distress every page on this album.*

Once I was done doing this, I began embellishing the pages. I used some of the ephemera from the collection that was left over and used some on the pages of the signatures as well. As well as adding more stamping using both of the stamps from the bundle also. In my junk journal I created many tuck spots and left areas to journal blank. It was hard to cut into the papers since they are all so beautiful.

For the cover page, I covered up the muslin by adding some beautiful vintage lace. I had bought at a consignment shop along with the lace and trim that is around the entire edge of the album. I used some of the paper flowers that came in the Blue Fern Studios Collection bundle and also the chipboard for the cover. The tassel used on the spine was from some curtains that I was no longer using. This looked great I thought!

Anyhow crafty friends here I am posting the rest of the junk journal in this photo video I created. I also will be uploading a full video where I do a flip thru of the pages which include the signatures that I didn’t photograph only the cover of them because that would have been too much photos. Plus I wanted to do a video explaining in better detail how I created this junk journal.

Jane’s Memoirs 8x10 Fabric & Paper Junk Journal

Well crafty friend I hope that you like what I created this month. I apologize it took me so long to create. I was well over my head but knew I wanted to create this! Thank you for taking the time to read my post! Till next time!



Products used from Fotobella online store:

Blue Fern Studios Jane’s Memoirs Collection Bundle