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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Travels by Glitz Design

I love this Happy Travels Collection! The colors are so beautiful, and it is so adorably put together. 


Using Happy Travels Bicycle page and a curved stencil, trace as shown in the image to all 4 sides of the sheet

Use scissors to cut edges as shown. 

Using the scrap pieces from the cut edge, cut teardrop flower petals from them. You should have 8.

 With a pencil, or something round, wrap the top of each petal around, curling them, as shown in the image.
Then with a brad, stick each petal pointed end through. Fan them out, til all 8 petals are on there. 

 Next, using Happy Travels Planes sheet, cut out 4 planes. I used both sides of the paper.

I used 3D sticky dots so they would rise above the page a bit.
Cut a 10” long by 3 ¾” strip from Happy Travels Stripe page. Round the edges. Stick this across the top of the layout base page. Then use Cardstock Stickers Titles sticker (Happy are they who Travel) Stick this onto the left upper side of the stripe. You can then attach cut out planes where you wish. 

 Grab the Cardstock Sticker Journaling sticker (with the rose) and place in the middle, left side of the sheet.
 For my image, I cut the edges to mimic the shape of the sticker. Then place the picture on the lower right portion of the sticker.
 I glued the paper flower to the top right corner of the picture.
Then place the Cardstock Sticker Titles (I carry your heart with me) to the bottom right of the page, over lapping the picture. 

Then grab your Copic markers and some stencils and add some detail. I stenciled “love” at the bottom right corner of the page, and added some hearts next to the picture on the left.
Have fun, and be creative!! 

Mini Card

Have fun with your travels!


  1. What a beautiful page. And now I know what those curved stencils do...the shape is so fluid...your layering is great...just love everything about the page!
    Thanks for visiting me last week at WOYWW. Sara #144

    1. Thank you very much Sara for your sweet comments!

  2. Jeri These are so creative... LOVE IT...
    Thanks for sharing you creative talents with us.